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U.S. University Develops 5-axis 3D Printing Software, The Future May Become Mainstream

Jan 07, 2021

In the field of additive manufacturing, products processed by 5-axis machine tools are better than 3-axis machine tools in terms of accuracy and gloss, but the current problem is that 5-axis processing lacks related software, which makes the current equipment rely on printing structure This undoubtedly increases production time and production costs.

3D printed 5-axis machine

Recently, the University of Pennsylvania in the United States has specifically developed software for 5-axis machine tools, using algorithms to automate the decision-making of additive manufacturing design during the automatic slicing process.

The software currently being developed can determine the direction of building parts and print them in a predetermined order. And each part can be printed on the top of the previous part, so no support structure is needed, and material waste is avoided.

The members of the research team said that relying on algorithm processing does not require professional knowledge to create, because different solutions can be quickly tried in the automated process. Users only need to follow the normal printing process on the computer, saving time and materials .

After the software is completed, the 3D printed 5-axis machine tool will complete the job. In the future, the 5-axis machine tool will replace the 3-axis and become the mainstream of 3D printing.