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Usually It Is Solar Mobile Power Supply Blow Gas Second LED Lights

Mobile power supply are nothing new, and we saw all sorts of modelling, integration of different functions of style.

However, today to introduce this LuminAID, the biggest characteristic is to fully consider the applicability of the outdoor, the organic combination of solar energy, lighting features such as together, realizes the convenient application experience.

At ordinary times, it is only a very thin square plastic sheet, can hang on the bag, absorb the solar energy.

Blow a little bit about the gas, LuminAID will expand, into a square lamp, with a small handle implementation in the outdoor lighting experience.

LuminAID brightness of 150 lumens, can adjust the brightness, the longest lighting time is 50 hours, very suitable for outdoor adventure, camping.

Even better, it also supports IP67 waterproof, can be submerged in a meter depth and not damaged, so even if it rains also can be used normally.

Finally, LuminAID or a mobile power supply, built-in 2000 mah battery, although unable to mobile phone is full of electricity, but as a standby power is clearly qualified. The most important of all, support solar energy to make it more practical, a day can be full of, basically, of course, also can use the USB charging.