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Wall Decoration More

Jan 03, 2017

1. background of sky lights provide light with great temperament

This type of lamps are usually mobile and portable. As its name suggests, their light is projected upwards, then reflected from the ceiling down, showing a very graceful light background, the effect is far more gentle than the chandelier on the ceiling a lot.

2 floor and table lamps are the best reading light

This table lamp light can be on a different level, to render out tones of decorative patterns and characteristics of the region. They can be used to enhance any whole or partial light layout either, which itself is an independent and strong light sources. In addition, they also have varied functions for reading purposes, mobile can also be used as an additional light source. Tungsten halogen table lamps because of the projected light is very close to the Sun, so it is best to read the light source. When placed on the floor or table lamp, where you stand or sit when not see shades of light bulbs.

3. spot light emphasis

This unique lamp can be embedded in the ceiling, wall or floor, increasing the length of light towing. It can on the table or special objects, such as paintings and all kinds of collectibles, forming a focus light field. Whether in the kitchen, living room, work room or the bathroom is to emphasize the role of the light source.