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Wall Lamp

Jan 03, 2017

1. color-Wall lamp

Light is used in many festivals, the Festival used.

2. folding bed Wall lamp

Mostly in the upper left corner of the bed, lamp universal rotating beams focused, easy to read; mirror wall decoration around the bathroom mirror before use.

3. living room Wall lamp

In General, the living room if space is high, to use three to five Forks Fork of incandescent lamps, or a large round pendant, so as to make the living room look gorgeous. If the living room space is low, Ceiling lamps and floor lamps that are available, so that the living room is bright and elegant, with a sense of. Floor lamp beside the sofa, sofa-side coupled with a decorative craft lamp on the table, if placed on a wall near a low wall, so that the effect is better.

4. folding dining room Wall lamp

Restaurant shade suitable for smooth appearance of glass, plastic or metal, so feel free to scrub, instead weaving, yarn fabric lampshades or of complex shape, pendant lampshades. Light yellow fluorescent or incandescent bulbs should be used, lighting with warm colors. If appropriately configured on the near wall Wall lamp with warm colors, is a dinner-time atmosphere more warm and can increase appetite.