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What Are The Advantages Of 3D Printing Architectural Decoration?

Feb 13, 2019

Now that you can see a lot of beautiful architectural decorations, how are these decorations made? With 3D printing, everything becomes simple, and the template is created by 3D printing. Then you can use the template to make it. Here are some of the advantages of 3D printing architectural decoration.

3D printing

1. Through the 3D printing decorative template, you can design a variety of unique decorative shapes, providing more space for the architect's choice of three-dimensional shape, using different textures to show the difference in color, to achieve the real texture of the material, Has a good simulation effect.

2, 3D printing decorative modeling template usually uses polyurethane rubber, silica gel and other organic materials, has good wear resistance and elongation, and is resistant to alkali and oil, easy to demould without damaging the concrete decorative surface, can accurately replicate different shapes, Texture, grooves, etc.

3. Applying decorative stencil to form concrete, which can realize the integration of structural decoration and save the secondary decoration for industrial buildings;

4, cost savings, because the decorative styling template can be reused, can save a lot of production costs;

5, the decorative effect is realistic, no matter the stone, imitation wood and other arbitrary shapes can achieve the same effect as the original, thus reducing the waste of resources.