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What Are The Advantages Of Light-curing 3D Printers

Feb 23, 2021

At present, low-cost desktop 3D printers for home use include fdm and LCD light-curing. Under normal circumstances, you will buy FDM machines first, because at the same price, the printing volume of fdm machines is much larger than light-curing machines, and the price of light-curing resin consumables It is also much higher than fdm consumables. Since the light curing machine is not "cost-effective", why is there still a demand?

The first is printing accuracy

The xy-axis accuracy of light curing printing depends on the resolution of the LCD screen. As far as the current machines on the market are concerned, they range from 0.04-0.07mm, generally not exceeding 0.1mm. The xy-axis accuracy of FDM machines depends on the nozzle diameter. Generally, the diameter is 0.4mm, which is almost an order of magnitude away from the light curing machine. Therefore, the fineness of the light curing machine is far beyond the reach of the FDM machine. Therefore, if you need to print more delicate parts, you need to consider the light curing machine.

Followed by printing speed

The forming principle of light curing is to expose one surface at a time to ultraviolet rays, and the surface is formed layer by layer, while FDM is formed by lines and then formed by the surface. That is, the printing time of the light curing machine only depends on the height of the part. , It has nothing to do with the number of prints at the same time, and the printing time of FDM depends on the volume and quantity of the parts. Therefore, when printing parts with a small height and a large number, the light curing machine will be much faster than FDM.

Finally, the transparent parts

Since fdm is stacked by lines, there will be some gaps, so even if you use transparent materials to print, the final effect can only be light transmission, and the light curing machine can directly print out transparent parts, and then apply some varnish on the surface , The transparent effect is almost equal to that of injection molded parts, which is far from being achieved by fdm.