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What Are The Applications Of 3D Printing For Daily Life

Aug 12, 2020

3D printing technology can basically be said to be omnipotent, from the high-tech industry chain to the bits and pieces of ordinary life. Nowadays, China's 3D printing includes aerospace, medical equipment, and parts. Development and other developments have achieved world-renowned achievements. Although the 3D printing technology industry has developed relatively late in China, it has kept pace with the development of the times. With the advent of the epidemic this year, 3D printing of relief supplies has become a major turning point for this year. So, in life, what do you know about 3D printing?


In the past few weeks, China’s domestic printing restored the former Zhaozhou Bridge and successfully 3D printed two-story houses. Nowadays, 3D printing buildings are no longer out of reach. If the cost aspect can be completely solved, then The countryside can basically be built into a new type of countryside through 3D printing. After all, the current 3D printing high-rise buildings have technical problems, and the height of the printed houses is also very limited, but for backward rural areas, it is a new and great construction.

In terms of electronic components, for smart homes, from smart speakers to earphones, mobile phone components, desk lamps, etc., there are 3D printing shadows, including various industrial production model molds, which are full of 3D printing for current electronic hardware. Bit by bit.

It goes without saying that Gunpla, anime figures, etc. are naturally assembled with parts, such as Gundam, Lego, and cartoon character figure models. Of course, not only this aspect, nowadays, 3D printing clothes and apparel is no longer a rare thing. According to reports in the United States, a team from the United States has developed a device for 3D printing composite fibers. The 3D printer can perform 3D printing of composite fibers in accordance with the mode of spider-making webs. Not only that, but also 3D printing shoes and increasing air cushions. It began to gradually penetrate into our lives. Among them, the private custom styles are more obvious, of course, it also includes the jewelry that I can see every day, especially the more demanding 3D printers such as SLA.

At present, for the production technology of additive manufacturing such as 3D printing, it is undoubtedly a trend of the future development. The technical application fields of 3D printing are also becoming more and more extensive. Nowadays, all countries are pursuing their own 3D printing technology. With the development of the industry, for the future, 3D printing will become the starting point for the birth of a new world.