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What Are The Technical Functions Of SLA Industrial 3D Printers

Dec 08, 2019

I. Eight core technologies, printing efficiency is doubled

1. Intelligent variable spot and power high-speed scanning system, which improves printing speed by 20% ~ 100% compared to fixed spot

2. Process parameter database can be established for different layer thicknesses, which facilitates switching management and improves printing efficiency

3. Triple shrinking scanning technology, with multiple contour scanning and smooth printing modes, taking into account precision at the same time as high-speed printing, so that the surface finish is higher under the premise of the same layer thickness

4. Supports fast batch import of print data, can adjust part positions online, supports automatic layout of multiple parts, and improves printing efficiency

5. Scan path database system, scan path automation, scan path customization, optimize the overall quality and speed of prints

6. Automatically identify the upper and lower skins, and set different process parameters for different parts of the model, such as upper skins, lower skins, contours, solids, supports, etc.

7. Advanced intelligent vacuum adsorption system, uniform and reliable coating, increased printing speed, can print large parts

8. Using high-quality fixed laser, stable and reliable, high power and faster forming speed

Two or eight optimized designs to ensure stable and precise

1. High-precision liquid level detection asynchronous control system to ensure more stable printing

2. Laser online detection, automatic compensation of power attenuation, automatic setting of process parameters throughout the process, to ensure the stability of printing

3. The principle of precise positioning is used to avoid the design and use difficulties of large-area calibration plates, which can greatly improve the accuracy and flexibility of automatic calibration.

4. Equipped with a balanced block type liquid level adjustment structure, combined with a high-precision liquid level detection system, to achieve fast liquid level control more accurately and the printing process is more stable

5. Resin groove width adopts redundant design, which fully avoids resin contamination of motion mechanisms such as guide rails, which guarantees the maximum scraping range of a single layer, as well as the molding accuracy and efficiency of workpiece

6. Hot air circulation heating system, heating the surface resin, can control the resin temperature and avoid resin deterioration, and the power consumption of the machine is lower and energy saving

7. Full marble main structure, high long-term stability

8. High-precision absolute positioning servo motor to ensure printing accuracy and provide Z-axis accuracy test certification documents

3. More auxiliary functions for easy maintenance and management

1. Data encryption function, which can customize exclusive data format for customers to prevent leakage of corporate secrets

2. Power management, automatic power on / off, more energy saving

3. Real-time monitoring and alarm of machine working conditions and status parameters to minimize the risk of failure

4. Precise prediction of processing time, with error within 30 minutes, which is convenient for work arrangement

5. The device is easy to operate, no manual care is required during work, and can be made without people for 24 hours.

6. Perfect print log record function for further analysis and troubleshooting

7. Customizable remote control function, remote start, stop printing, take photos, view monitoring video in real time, support mobile phone to remotely view device status information