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What Is The Difference Between The LED Filament Lamp And The Ordinary LED Lamp?

Apr 14, 2018

LED filament lamps are compared with LED bulb lamps.

◆More energy saving: the energy consumption of LED filament lamp is 1/4 of energy saving lamp, 1/10 of incandescent lamp.

◆Long life: the life of LED filament lamp is up to 50 thousand hours, and the life span is 3-5 times of that of energy-saving lamp.

◆More healthy: uniform light transmission, no stroboscopic, no glare, no ultraviolet and infrared.

◆More environmentally friendly: no mercury lamp harmful substances, recyclable, protect the green earth.

◆Full color change: rich colors, showing vivid and delicate patterns and effects.

◆Installation convenience: installation is simple, it can replace incandescent lamp directly, and the maintenance cost is very low.