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Which Areas Of 3D Printing Technology Have A Greater Impact?

Apr 07, 2019

With the continuous development of technology, more and more technologies are applied to various fields, and 3D printing technology is now more and more mature, and has already demonstrated its role in many fields.

3D Printers in Medicine

The first is product development and prototyping, and 3D printing has been widely used in prototyping. Companies like Apple will use 3D printing technology to experience the shape and process of the products in advance. Other technology companies have begun to apply 3D printing technology and conduct extensive testing, and then show customers to other people's opinions and opinions. Thereby improving.

black printing machine printing on black and green pad

The more product development based on iteration and research, the more successful the product will be, so using 3D printing in product development will yield even greater benefits.

The second is personalized medicine, through the use of CAT and MRI scan visualization surgery, and then through the 3D printing of personalized organs to integrate with patients, the current 3D printing in the medical application is more prosthetic production.

person near 3D printer

Surgeons can also cut some of the patient's affected areas and then graft the replacements made by 3D printing technology. More than 10 million people around the world wear 3D printed hearing aids.

In addition, 3D printing technology can also make medical equipment, as well as some human implants, such as ribs, etc. Currently scientists are studying how to use 3D printing technology to make living organs such as heart or liver.

There is also the aerospace industry, Boeing 747 and Airbus have begun to use 3D printing components, in addition to the F18 and other aircraft also use 3D printing components to improve the aircraft. Aerospace is produced in small batches, so it is ideal for 3D printing.

In addition, 3D printing can make heating pipes a way that other processes cannot achieve. 3D printed aircraft wiring and weight-optimized components are major innovations in the aerospace industry. More and more aircraft companies are now using 3D printing technology, and some are trying to print aircraft engines through 3D.

Auto companies have used 3D printing concept cars and other models extensively, and are expanding their range of use. Some foreign car manufacturers have reduced labor costs through 3D printing, allowing customization of individual cars and new products, including print cooling. , car pipes, engines and batteries, etc.

black and red Lamborghini Aventador SV rear left side

3D printing has a very important impact on the transformation of the environment. Water pollution now poses a serious hazard to aquatic organisms throughout the ecology, and scientists have found that 3D printing can save these creatures and help them rebuild ecosystems.

For example, a foreign company built a surface house to protect living habitats through 3D printing. They also found that 3D printing can combat marine pollution by printing a coral made of calcium carbonate through 3D technology. Placed in seawater, it dissolves and reduces the acidity of seawater over time.

Finally, 3D printing technology has begun to appear in many homes, such as gifts, jewelry, toys, interior decoration, etc. Through 3D printing, people can design more personalized things, playing an important role in the collection and life.