2.42 Inch OLED White 128x64

2.42 Inch OLED White 128x64
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Product Details

2.42 inch white light OLED 128x64

Specialized in small size OLED product development, production and sales, product category is complete, the customer demand as the guidance, products cover black and white screen, OLED display screen, with complete and scientific quality management system.

Basic product information

Size: 2.42 inches

Resolution: 128x64

Dimensions: 60.5 x 37.00 * 2.00

Display size: 55.02 x 27.49

Driving voltage: 15V (external boost circuit)

Drive IC: SSD1309

Support interface: 8 bit parallel port, 4 line SPI, I2C

Color: white light

Features: full view, high contrast, low power consumption, sunlight visible

2.42 inch white light OLED128x64.jpg