Color OLED Display Module

Color OLED Display Module
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color oled display module

 Welcome to wholesale the customized high quality color oled display module made in China from our factory. We are known as one of the leading China manufacturers and suppliers in OLED industry and we are equipped with a professional factory. Welcome to contact us.

Color OLED Display Module Description:

Size: 1.01"

Lattice: 128*64

Single color: white

Thickness: 1.6

Glass size: 28.22 * 21.63

A/A size: 23.02 * 11.5

Pixel size: 0.18 * 0.18

Binding way: COG + FPC

Color OLED Display Module Application:

◆Commercial areas: OLED display can be applied to POS machines and ATM machines, copiers, game machines, etc.

◆Communication field: applicable to mobile phones, mobile network terminals and other fields;

◆Computer field: a large number of applications in PDA, business PCs and home PCs, laptops;

◆Consumer electronics: Suitable for audio equipment, digital cameras, portable DVDs;

◆Industrial applications: suitable for instruments and meters;

◆Transportation: Applicable to GPS, aircraft instruments, etc.

Color OLED Display Module Advantage:

color oled display module are self-emissive materials, do not need to use backlight panels, and have a wide viewing angle, uniform image quality, fast response, easier colorization, simple light-emitting circuit, simple process, and flexible panels. In line with the principle of thin and light, the scope of application belongs to small and medium size panels.