0.96 inch OLED display 128x64 small size

Size: 0.96" Lattice: 128 x64 Area color: yellow & blue Thickness: 1.3 Glass size: 26.7 * 19.26 A/A size: 21.74 * 11.2 Pixel size: 0.17 * 0.17

Product Details

0.96'' OLED display 128x64 small size

Welcome to wholesale the customized high quality multicolor M00180 OLED display module made in China from our factory. We are known as one of the leading China manufacturers and suppliers in OLED industry and we are equipped with a professional factory. Welcome to contact us.

Basic product information

Size: 0.96 inch

Resolution: 128x64

Thickness: 1.3

Drive voltage: 2.8-3.3V

Glass size: 26.7 * 19.26

A/A size: 21.74 * 11.2

Pixel size: 0.17 * 0.17

Binding way: COG + FPC

Drive IC: SSD1306

Brightness: highlighting

Use environment: semi-outdoor

Support interface: 8-bit parallel port, 3/4 line SPI, I2C

Color: white light yellow & blue

Features: full view, high contrast, low power consumption, sunlight visible


Product SizeProduct CodeLatticeMonochromeThicknessGlass SizeA/AsizePixel


  1. Please pay attention to the bending Angle and bending space of FPC when designing the OLED products with FPC/COF/TCP in the design, and don't fold the FPC to death. Bending too tight easily makes the FPC break and cause no display. Please design the Drawing according to the Drawing of each model. As shown in the following figure, the edge of the OLED glass is more than 1.83 mm, bending Angle is naturally curved.

  2. about the OLED products in welding with FPC/TCP some matters needing attention in the 1. Recommend the use of Hot - bar the way to ensure the yield criterion of welding bonding conditions: temperature 180-210 deg time < 10 SEC (2) the use of electric welding instructions: a Panel inspection before welding. Appearance check, Pin no fracture; Electrical inspection, test showed normal welding operation On the PCB/FPC Pin feet evenly on zion with para para, and fixed FPC/TCP, guarantee the welding will not move when adding flux, using constant temperature soldering iron welding of the cutting tools, temperature 300-350 deg. No more than three repetitions of welding, no more than 3 SEC at the same point, and five minutes each time. Check after welding. Check for Pin foot shift, welding poor, solder residues, and make appropriate adjustments. 3. Operation note: use the cutting iron with a knife, not with a pointed iron, to avoid damage to Pin feet of FPC/TCP. Use a thermostatic soldering iron to require that the Pin is not stuck to the Pin due to low temperature. With the use of flux, it can reduce the virtual welding, cold welding or even welding because the fault of the Pin foot of the TCP/FPC can't be repaired, so it is forbidden to bend or pull the Pin at the time of use.