5 Axis CNC milling machine

Fit for personal inventor, digital education and low cost production. The desktop 5 axis CNC can be used everywhere on the table, low cost and quick design, easy production Desktop NC is 5 axis digital machine tool. Controlled by Windows system, use CAD or CAM to mill. Desktop NC support G code control as well. As pocket size, five axis motor main axis have speed 0-24000rpm, enough for professional designer basic application.

Product Details

Product Fetures

Small 5 Axis NC is upgrade version use No.57 servo motor, normal motor movement speed within 2.5m/min, and servo speed can be within 12m/min, servo no noise, high reaction, positioning accuracy, warning with no steps.

Desktop NC support to mill material as common plastics, Al alloy, Wood, Copper, Gold, Silver, Wax, different materials can use different tool bit, without use wrench, easy operation.

Tech Specs

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Video: https://youtu.be/TNFE7E83VMU


1.What kind of maintenance is required?

If you will be storing your 5 axis desktop CNC for an extended period of time or corrosion is likely for other reasons, a small amount of light oil may be applied to the lead screws and other steel components in order to prevent rust. Store the 5 axis desktop CNC in a dry location, protect the wires from excessive UV exposure and avoid operating the machine immediately after large temperature changes that could cause condensation build up inside the machine. If possible store the 5 axis desktop CNC in a watertight container or a plastic bag and use desiccant to prevent moisture buildup.

2.What are the packaging dimensions of 5 axis desktop CNC?


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