5 Axis Desktop CNC Mill

Fit for personal inventor, digital education and low cost production. The Pocket 5 axis CNC can be used everywhere on the table, low cost quick design, easy production

Pocket NC is 5 axis digital machine tool. Controlled by Windows system, use CAD or CAM to mill. Pocket NC support G code control as well. As pocket size, five axis motor main axis have speed 0-24000rpm, enough for professional designer basic application.

Product Details

5 Axis Desktop CNC Mill is pocket NC, support to mill material as common plastics, Al alloy, Wood, Copper, Gold, Silver, Wax, different materials can use different tool bit, without use wrench, easy operation
You can use it if you have experience in CAD/CAM, and it is easy for you if you are familiar with 3 axis DNC machine.

Tech Specs

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5 Axis Desktop CNC Mill Product Feature

5 Axis Desktop CNC Mill V3 is upgrade of V2 version, improve to machining copper and Al, stressed parts change to Steel No.45, rotating axis bearing change to cross rolling bearing, machining reserve position holes, easy adjustable. Y axis change to bigger guide screw. Main axis change from 400w no power to 800w electrical axis. Less noisy and less heat, bigger power and speed. Under V3 version, Al machining can use 6mm milling cutter 0.2~0.3F1500, present V2 version only 3mm 0.2F1000, more efficiency and performance, five axis change from V2 120mm*90 to V3 150mm*125mm, rotating axis is waterproof (oil seal waterproof), can be used as spray cutting processing, more suitable for metal and jade.