Small 5-axis Cnc Machine

small 5-axis cnc machine upgrade version use No.57 servo motor, normal motor movement speed within 2.5m/min, and servo speed can be within 12m/min, servo no noise, high reaction, positioning accuracy, warning with no steps. Desktop NC support to mill material as common plastics, Al alloy, Wood, Copper, Gold, Silver, Wax, different materials can use different tool bit, without use wrench, easy operation.

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                                               Small 5-axis cnc machine

Desktop Pocktop  CNC V3.5(图1) Desktop Pocktop  CNC V3.5(图4)

Small 5-axis cnc machine  is a desktop five-axis engraving machine produced to satisfy geeks, CNC professional education, and low-cost design and manufacturing. The whole machine can be freely placed on the desktop for operation and use, and the process from design to finished product can be completed quickly with low operating costs. As a desktop 5-axis CNC machine tool, Desktop NC supports Windows system to control. Users can import CAD or CAM format structure drawings through related software for milling. Of course, Desktop NC also supports command control of standard G codes. Regardless of its small size, it is considered that its performance is not eye-catching. Its spindle speed performance of 0-24000rpm is also satisfactory for designers in the professional field.


Provide smart installation for your 3D printer, After installation, the machine will recognize your 3D

slice model and create the most optimized printing operation for you.


2. Product features

As an iterative product of V3, V3.5 has further improved its machining accuracy and is equipped with an automatic tool setting system.

 The rotation axis is upgraded from a worm to a harmonic, the Z axis is optimized to a double guide rail, and the main control board is upgraded, 

and the origin of each axis is upgraded to a servo Z0 signal. The spindle is equipped with a 800W water-cooled high-speed electric spindle. 

In addition, the sheet metal chassis is designed, the key components are waterproof, and the cutting fluid can be sprayed and metal or jade can 

be processed.

      ①It is suitable for campus makers, university innovation studios to produce processed parts, vocational colleges integrated CNC professional 

           training, and enterprise scientific research units to process small parts.

       ②The whole machine weighs only 45kg and occupies a small area. It can be freely placed on the desktop for operation and use, and the 

           process from design to finished product can be quickly completed with low operatin g costs.

③The application method is simple and professional combination, equipped with video tutorials and paper teaching materials, which not only 

   meets the entry of CNC beginners, but also me ets the needs of professional learning CNC operators. You can directly use third-party 

   programming software graphics to directly generate G code programs, or you can manually program , Wide range of processing materials 

  (copper, aluminum, plastic, wood, Plexiglas and other materials), high processing precision, and the machine is strong, stable and durable.

④It is equipped with a precision high-speed electric spindle 24000rpm, the control card controls the spindle speed, and the spindle motor 

   power is 800w.
       ⑤Using nut ball screw, five axis using servo/stepping motor, linear axis using silver guide rail slider.
       ⑥The machine is equipped with a protective cover to isolate dust and noise, and has a dust collection system; casters and horizontal foot 

    pads are added to facilitate the movement and positioning of the equipment; it is equipped with a 5-axis electronic tool setting system, 

    which greatly facilitates operation and tool setting.

⑦It adopts ISO standard G code programming, supports M code and S code, supports major software programming, and currently supports 

    Powermill, UG, Fusion360, HSM post- processing. It has perfect after-sales technical support, provides PM and Vericut machine tool motion 

    simulation, and provides tool path questions and answers.

       Note: The standard five-axis linkage can be added or replaced according to user needs.


3. Equipment parameters

total dimensiontable dimension

a,c,rotating effective 


a,caxis rotaing data

650*400*450mm140*130mmA:±10° C:360°1:50 grinding worm reducer cross rolling rotating bearing

total weightmax table weightthree axis ball screwlinear guide

60kg74kgx&z:1204 c7 y:1605 c7x:hiwin mgn 12,y:hiwin mgn 15, z:hiwin hgh20

x,y,z axis effectiveeffective machining areaframemachining speed


6061T6 AI +45 quenched & 

tempered steel

2500mm/min(different material have different speeds)

main axis typeparts fixturedust prooftool dimefension

Φ65mm 800W water cooling 

motorized spindle, 24000r/min

steel fixture, reservation 

holeer 50 fixture stand, 


organ typedust cover oil 

seal proof (rotary table waterproof treatment)



4.Equipment and processing model display

Desktop Pocktop  CNC V3.5(图5)

Desktop Pocktop  CNC V3.5(图10) Desktop Pocktop  CNC V3.5(图11)



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